Welcome to the Higher Self School

Take a step further along your spiritual path.

About the School:

Do you love self-development and spirituality? Can you not get enough information and just keep soaking up more and more.

Are you starting to wonder 'what next'? What do I do with all this information? 

This school was created by our Founder, Gemma Petherbridge, who has been where you are now.

Enjoy One Month's Free Membership then it's only £22.22pm or £220pa

Our paid membership gives you something to do every week, all week.

Paid Membership: 

  • Regular Healing Classes in our Healing Temple
  • Monthly Goddess Circle in our Healing Temple
  • Monthly Full and New Moon Circles in our own Coven
  • Learn about and Celebrate the Sabbaths in our Coven
  • Mindset Coaching Classes
  • Our own in-built 'Crystal Apothercary'. For those who know Gemma via her book 'The Crystal Apothecary' and want to learn more.
  • A free invite to our Quarterly Virtual Retreats.
  • Polls to pick future events, workshops and resources.
  • Replays of previous Events
  • A 10% Discounts on all workshops
  • Plus all free Community Membership offerings (see below)

After one month stay as a paid member or become a free Community Member:

Free Community Membership:

  • Our Community hub so you can make connections and get to know people
  • Our Monday Morning Mindset Class & Q&A
  • Weekly Guidance
  • Attend our regular Town Hall meetings so you can help build and develop our school.

Attend our Workshops and Courses

Throughout the year we also host regular free or paid for workshops and courses. Here are some of the things coming in 2023:


  • Living in the 5D, Lemuria and Atlantic, Meet your Spirit Guides


  • Raise your Vibration, Living Intuitively, Higher Self Lifestyle the Mystery School

Practitioner Level Courses:

  • Crystal Practitioners
  • Reiki Level 1 and 2 - Reiki 1 training is free
  • Theta Healing Basic DNA

Tell do I find our more?

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Tell us about Gemma

Spiritual Coach and Teacher, Gemma Petherbridge has spent 18 years working in the self development industry.  She has done over 1080 hours of class time (not including self study, homework, exam and revision time) learning about spiritual concepts and teachings, modalities, techniques, ancient beliefs and principles spanning all areas of Self Development, Spirituality, and Ancient Teachings.

One of her most beloved spiritual modalities is Crystal Therapy. In 2017 she launched Conscience Crystals, through which she guides people on how to connect with and use crystals to enhance and improve their lives. Her first crystal book, ‘The Crystal Apothecary' launched worldwide in 2022.

Today her passion is supporting the awakened generation to put their knowledge into practice so they can live a truly 'Higher-Self Lifestyle'. 

Gemma believes this is such an important mindset shift to make as it won't just allow people to live a happier, more fulfilled life but will empower those around them to do the same - and even support Mother Earth herself.

This was the motivation behind the Higher Self School. A place to learn and advance your teachings but also a place to come together as a community to support each other through the beautiful but somewhat dramatic transformations those heading from 3D to 5D can go through.

Any Questions?

We understand you might have questions, if you do please send them to: [email protected] or follow this link.